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Flora and Fauna Conservation

When implementing investment projects, the Group cares about conservation of eco-systems and their habitat. Irkutsk Oil Company LLC analyzes the condition of flora and fauna at the territories of its operation, evaluates possible effects and minimizes environmental risks.

Activities intended to conserve bio-diversity are systemic and involve the leading research and development institutes of Siberia to obtain full and objective data and attain high efficiency of the developed measures.

These prohibitions are applied both to personnel of the INK Group and its contractors.

Forest restoration and sustainable management is a tool to overcome crisis related with climate change and bio-diversity. These activities are undertaken for sustainable development and improvement of life conditions. Subsoil user who rent forest plots must provide compensation forest restoration as per the Russian Forest Code. According to the laws, companies may choose areas suffered from fires and felling for planting forest crops, which provides a more efficient and systematic forest restoration.

Irkutsk Oil Company LLC implements an annual program for reproduction of fish resources intended to release fish youth to water bodies. As agreed with authorities, fish is released in the Lena basin where the Group operates.

In 2021 alone, the company allocated 17.5 million rubles into maintaining aquatic bio resources. These funds were used to release about 400,000 young graylings to Lena in the Ust-Kut District of the Irkutsk Region and more than 70,000 young peleds, graylings and carps to the Bratsk water reservoir.

The INK Group supports educational projects contributing to conservation of eco-systems of areas of operation. Together with scientific and educational facilities of the region, books, guidelines and informative brochures for children and adults are published.