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Climate Change

The INK Group pays special attention to the climate agenda and understands the need to build an efficient system of climate management.

Working on the climate agenda, the INK Group is guided by the following principles:

  • risk-oriented approach;
  • alignment of actions with the group’s development strategy;
  • accounting for opportunities related with climate change;
  • priority of scientific approach to climatic management;
  • Interaction with stakeholders.

Understanding and sharing the responsibility to future generations, the Group takes measures to reduce the carbon footprint of its activity. Irkutsk Oil Company LLC tends to manage emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful substances and implement tools and mechanisms for their monitoring, accounting, and reduction.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the priority and urgent tasks in addressing the global issue of climate change, and the INK Group has joined this large-scale project.


The INK Group continuously implements measures to improve the usage of associated petroleum gas (APG) that makes up most emissions to the atmosphere. According to the approved production program, boiler houses, compressor stations and other facilities that will use APG are constructed. Some equipment operates with natural gas or APG. Achieving the target indicator of using LPG (more than 95 %) will be ensured by gas facilities under construction.

Efficient climate management is important to protect the environment and develop areas where Irkutsk Oil Company LLC operates, and also to ensure reliable and sustainable future of the Group. Irkutsk Oil Company LLC uses the risk management system intended to identify and reduce various risks, including climate risks.