Prospective, exploration, and production drilling comprise a large part of INK Group’s operational activities.

As part of INK Group, a special service division, OOO “INK-Service” performs up to 80 % of the company’s drilling operations. The company utilizes modern drilling and work equipment along with innovative drilling technologies, and has unique experience in the development of Eastern Siberian fields.

Drilling rigs of third-party contractors used to perform operations at remote and autonomous fields. In 2019, INK Group utilized 41 drilling rigs at its 18 licensed facilities in Irkutsk region: Krasnoyarsk territory, and Yakutia, of which 17 drilling rigs belonged to third-party contractors.


In 2019 the total drilling performed by INK Group amounted to 722,000 meters, including 609,000 meters of production drilling, and 160 new wells were drilled at INK Group’s licensed facilities (22 of them are exploratory wells). The number of wells with horizontal tailing-in increased, as well as the length of horizontal sections.

OOO “INK-Service” crews use both domestic and foreign drilling rigs. The company’s fleet includes rigs Uralmash 3000EUK-1M, modernized drilling rigs BK-225E (supplied by the Russian manufacturer Metallurg Research and Production Center), mobile rigs ZJ40/2250, and train rigs ZJ-40 DBS (made by RG Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd (China)). 

In 2019 OOO “INK-Service” signed a contract with OOO “Bentec” (a Russian subsidiary of German Bentec GmbH) for the supply of seven fixed train drilling rigs. 

Intensive development of new areas in challenging environments such as high formation pressure, the presence of hydrogen sulfide, and the instability of well walls, requires improvement of the applied technologies and the continuation of technical re-equipment. Over the next two years, obsolete drilling rigs will be replaced with new high capacity and high-efficient packaged drilling rigs.

More than half of the current repairs of wells are performed by subsidiary OOO “INK-TKRS”, which employs 18 crews.

Coiled tubing unit
For the prompt repair of wells, the company has three coiled tubing units to clean out wells from salts, asphalt-resinous paraffin deposits, hydrate blockages, and sand. The coiled tubing units are also used for perforation by fluid pressure. INK Group is currently conducting exploration and production drilling at 21 fields and license blocks in Irkutsk region: Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk territory.

The Group also uses multi-stage hydraulic fracturing at its fields, which significantly increases the wells’ production rates, and helps Irkutsk Oil Company to raise its production volumes to a new standards.