Corporate secretary

Evgenia Kuryleva

Corporate Secretary

of JSC “INK-Capital” since 2008

Evgenia graduated from Irkutsk State University Law School with a diploma in law in 2002. She has a termless certificate of qualification issued by Federal Commission on Securities Markets which confirms her qualification to the position of a director, auditor or expert at organizations keeping registers of registered securities holders.

In 2008 Evgenia took advanced training at Higher School of Economics on JSC Corporate Secretary program and in 2012 on IR Manager program.

Evgenia Kuryleva started her career in 2002 as a Legal Consultant at FGUP Irkutsk Airport and then worked at JSC “IrkutskAutoVaz”. In 2004 she joined Irkutsk Oil Company, LLC as a Senior Legal Consultant of Legal Department and in 2006 she was appointed the Head of Corporate Governance Department.