Irkutsk Oil Company creates The Executive Board

July 1, 2021

<p> The Executive Board was established since July 01, 2021. The General Members` Meeting of INK took the decision about creation of collegiate executive body. </p>
В Иркутской нефтяной компании создано Правление

Five members were elected to the Executive Board: Buynov Nikolay, Executive Director; Milov Evgeniy, Managing Director for Legal Affairs and Regional Policy; Lyovin Dmitry, Managing Director for Internal Administrative Control; Salikhov Ruslan, Managing Operations Director, Chief Engineer. Yakov Ginzburg, the new general director of the company, who also chairs the Executive Board.

The executive bodies of the INK are the General Director (single executive) and the Executive Board (collegiate executive body).

The General Director and the Executive Board manage the current and investment operations, ensure the financial sustainability and operational efficiency of the company.

Irkutsk Oil Company is one of the largest independent oil and gas producers in Russia. The company was founded in 2000. The main beneficiaries are the Executive Director of INK Nikolay Buynov and member of the Board of Directors Marina Sedykh. INK and its affiliated companies (INK Group) are engaged in the geological study, exploration and development of 51 subsoil blocks located in Irkutsk region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Krasnoyarsk region. Irkutsk Oil Company’s largest investment project is a gas chemical cluster comprising facilities for gas production, treatment, transportation and processing, a helium plant and the Irkutsk polymer plant. The group of companies employs 10 thousand people.
Irkutsk Oil Company, JOGMEC, TOYO and ITOCHU are set to develop the second stage of a feasibility study to secure the production of ‘blue’ ammonia in Eastern Siberia Irkutsk Oil Company has put the second highly automated drilling rig at the Bolshetirsky site into operation