Irkutsk Oil Company Launches Helium Plan Training Programme For Young Specialists

November 29, 2021

Irkutsk Oil Company is training 40 new employees in the “Helium” program at Yaraktinsky field. After completing the course, they will start working at the helium plant on a rotation basis.
ИНК запустила обучение на гелиевой установке для молодых специалистов

The first helium plant shall start operating at the end of 2022, and commissioning of the second plant is scheduled for 2025. The total combined production volume is expected to be 15–17 million litres of helium per year. This will make the Group the second largest helium producer in Russia.

The first stage was the study of soft skills, risk management, and safety. The staff is currently studying the detailed design documentation. The training of young specialists at Yaraktinsky is a two series process that will be completed in 2022.

“In the future, we are planning to set up induction meetings with the equipment manufacturer company to explain the full cycle of liquefied helium production to the specialists. They will also be able to ask questions to the company’s management and specialists about the technical component of the plant,” said Artem Sikorsky, a head of Helium Sales department.

In addition, a consultant with 20 years of experience working in a similar facility in the United States will visit the site in February 2022. He will provide training on emergency response and ISO container maintenance.

Irkutsk Oil Company is one of the largest independent producers of hydrocarbons in Russia. The company was established in 2000 and is engaged in prospecting, exploration and development of 52 license blocks in Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Irkutsk Oil Company’s largest investment project is the gas chemical cluster, which includes gas production, preparation, transportation and processing facilities, two helium plants and Irkutsk Polymer Plant.

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