Irkutsk Oil Company Plans to Build Helium Production Plant at Yaraktinsky Filed

October 4, 2018

Cryo Technologies has signed a contract with Irkutsk Oil Company to supply helium purification and liquefaction facilities with a nominal capacity of 10 million liters per year (266 mmscf/year).
ИНК планирует построить установку по производству гелия на Ярактинском месторождении

The plant will be built at Yaraktinsky field, approximately 200 km north of the city of Ust-Kut, in Irkutsk Region, Russia. The plant is expected to be commissioned in the beginning of 2021. 

Prior, in 2017, Cryo Technologies prepared a FEED (Front-End Engineering and Design) Study report for the helium purification and liquefaction facilities for Irkutsk Oil Company.


Cryo Technologies, based in Allentown, PA, offers unique process equipment and cryogenic solutions to customers world-wide.  Past projects include production scale systems for the cryogenic purification and liquefaction of both helium and hydrogen, helium recycling, nitrogen liquefaction and re-liquefaction, among others.

Irkutsk Oil Company is an upstream oil and gas producer in East Siberia, Russia. The company is implementing a gas utilization project which separates gas into components for enhanced monetization. Gas separation plants are supplied by Honeywell UOP. Irkutsk Oil Company is also planning to build a Polymer Plant with annual capacity of 650,000 tons of polyethylene.

US company Univation Technologies became the licensor for INK Polyethylene Plant Irkutsk Oil Company and Goldman Sachs Discussed Partnership Opportunities